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Friend of Radio Pet Lady


CAT CRAZY™ (Mondays 8 PM ET/ 5 PM West]

Tune in to Tracie Hotchner's delightful and informative show, Cat Crazy, by visiting her website:  www.radiopetlady.com

Tracie has spent many years helping cat owners solve the mysteries and challenges of

living with felines, whose behaviors and attitudes can be baffling to the people who live

with them. Tracie's encyclopedic book THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects

You to Know exposed many myths and misconceptions, especially about how to feed a

cat (calling any dry food for the obligate carnivores “kitty crack”). Tracie had a

wonderful 7-year run hosting and producing the popular radio show CAT CHAT® on

SiriusXM satellite radio, until the Martha Stewart channel was canceled. On CAT

CRAZY™ Tracie continues to offer advice, information and support for cat lovers, with

the on-air assistance of the Official Vet of the show, Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, and other

veterinarian guest co-hosts, offering solutions to make it easier and more pleasurable to

share one's life with a kitty cat.

                               Rosie's email address: RosieSorenson29@yahoo.com